The Thrakian Bessoi are a tribe with the reputation of being wild and savage even among the wild and savage Thrakian tribes that inhabit the region north of Hellas. Sharing only minimal cultural ties with their southern brethren the Thrakians are rightly feared for their ferocity and impetuous nature. Occasionally raiding into parts of Makedonia and fending off raids from the Skudata are the most organized of the Bessoi international politics. But usually the Thrakian tribes fight each other more than any unified enemy. But with a strong chieftain able to manipulate the will of these terrifying warriors, the Bessoi could bond the tribes into a most fearsome fighting machine.

Their lands are brutal and unforgiving to the Greeks in the south. But the Bessoi battle the elements for survival and it has made them a hardy people. The lack of resources in the area forces the Thrakians to raid Northern Greece for booty and slaves. This forced conflict will soon brew into bloody wars with first Makedon and maybe further into the more powerful city states of Greece. The Thrakian war machine consists of fierce warriors willing to sacrifice their lives for pure blood lust. With most nimble but deadly men the Thrakians formed the archetype of the Peltast while the nobles support all their actions. A perfect combination for the thick Thrakian woods.

With the Skudata constantly raiding their provinces the Bessoi will need to find new resources quickly to build up armies to halt their advances. When the Bessoi have secured their kingdom and found their target, the rest of the world will learn to tremble at the news that the Thrakians are coming for their homes!


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